AET provides standalone, modular tube settler units consisting of tube settler/ lamella clarifier packs, support structure, effluent troughs, sludge removal and tank. The tanks are available in round or rectangular shapes as well as stainless steel, FRP or PE material. If required, the tanks can be equipped with an additional mixing chamber for chemical dosing.

containerized tube settler plate settler tank

Blue Arrows: Sludge
Red Arrows: Water

AET tube settler standalone tanks are available in various sizes and can be connected in series or in parallel to match flow requirements. They can treat capacities from 15 to 400gpm (3 to 90 m3/h) per one unit. AET tube settler/ lamella clarifier units reliably achieve less than 0.1 NTU turbidity and TSS levels of less than 10mg/l. Also, the tank design is optimized for truck and container shipping.

Type TCT-3 TCT-7 TCT-15 TCT-25 TCT-40 TRT-50 TRT-70 TRT-90
Treatment capacity15gpm30gpm65gpm110gpm175gpm220gpm310gpm400gpm
Net weight (PE)300lbs450lbs1,500lbs3,000lbs4,000lbs5,000lbs6,500lbs7,500lbs
Tube settler surface area200sft490sft1,050sft1,750sft2,800sft3,500sft4,900sft6,300sft