AET provides engineering design support and product solutions for supporting and anti-floating structures for any tank geometry (including round tanks) and in different materials such as stainless steel, aluminum and FRP.

Both supporting and anti-floating structures must be designed for high structural loads of 20 lbs/ft3 or more in tube settler applications. At the same time, the contact area between the supporting and anti-floating structure and tube settlers should be as small as possible to reduce settling area blockages. Additionally, the structure’s geometry should have few horizontal edges to prevent sludge accumulation in those areas. AET offers structural load simulations either for completely new supporting structures or for supporting structure extensions.

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Densadeg® retrofit, TX, USA
AET retrofitted a Densadeg® high rate clarifier system in Texas, USA. The previously used PVC tube settlers were partially clogged and deteriorated caused by sunlight and UV radiation. The AET scope of supply included a new supporting structure, tube settlers for a round tank shape and improvements on the existing effluent launders.
Campus WWTP, FL, USA
AET provided engineering support for the design of an on-campus WWTP in Florida, USA. At the same time we supplied new tube settlers which are tested for different flow rates and solid levels.

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Tube Settler

Particles in water and wastewater accelerate
towards the tank bottom aslong as the gravity force is bigger than the sum of all drag forces. The settling velocity of the particle is Vs = H/t. In reality the settling velocity is never constant as other particles, water turbulences and sludge accumulation hinder the settling process….

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