Supporting and Anti-floating

When installing lamella plate settlers in a clarifier tank, adequate space must be considered — underneath for sludge accumulation and removal as well as adequate space above for clearwater effluent. For this reason, a beam structure must be installed to support the lamella plate separators. In addition, if the lamella plate separators are made out of Polypropylene, an anti-floating structure must be installed.

Both supporting and anti-floating structures must be designed for the high structural loads of 20 lbs/ft3 and more in the clarifier tanks. At the same time, the contact surface between the supporting and anti-floating structure and the lamella plate settlers should be as small as possible to reduce settling area blockages. Additionally, the structure’s geometry should have few horizontal edges to prevent sludge accumulation in those areas.
AET provides consulting and product solutions for supporting and anti-floating structures for different tank geometries (including round tanks) along with materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, and FRP.

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