Small Disc Diffuser

For up to 25,000GPM pumping capacity


The Vertex pond aerators are a super-efficient, affordable and safe system. In a typical pond, an Air1 XL2TM can aerate approximately 1-2 acres depending on shape, slope, oxygen demand and other factors. The included compressor, housed in a rustproof aluminum outdoor cabinet, feeds a bottom mounted disc diffuser station utilizing fine bubble aeration. The rising force of millions of bubbles circulates the entire water column, entraining bottom water up to the surface allowing vital oxygen to be absorbed and poisonous gasses expelled. All systems have a full 3-year Vertex warranty, excluding wearable parts (air filters and compressor maintenance kits) plus a Limited Lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion on the cabinet, 5-year warranty on the disc diffusers and a 15-year warranty on supply tubing. Every system includes:

  • One or more disc diffuser stations
  • Compressor in different sizes and HP
  • Air hoses and tubing
  • Sound- and rustproof cabinet

AIR 1 XL2 configurations


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