Portable pH Meter for Liquid Food with Data Logger


Equipped with Swiss LabSen 823 Professional 3-in-1 pH/Temperature Electrode designed for professional pH measurement of dairy products and liquid food.

Intelligent Functions: Self-Diagnosis of out-of-range value and electrode invalidation, calibration reminders, calibration date checking, clock display, easy parameter setting.

GLP standard data management, 500 data sets of storage, manual/auto storage, USB data output.

Reliable Structure Design: Large white backlit LCD, soft silicone case gives you a comfortable grip, IP57 waterproof rating.

Powered by AAA batteries; the foldable stand also allows use as a benchtop meter.

The Apera Instruments PH8500-DP Portable pH Meter is designed for professional pH measurement of dairy products (milk, buttermilk cream, yogurt, etc.) and other liquid food such as jam, BBQ sauce, syrup, etc. The equipped Swiss LabSen 823 3-in-1 Glass pH/Temperature Electrode adopts Proselyte electrolyte, Silver Ion Trap reference system, and a patented pH/temp. dual sensor structure, making precise and quick pH measurement of dairy products easier than ever. Say goodbye to clogged junctions and fluctuating readings. The unique LabSen blue hemispherical glass membrane has a faster response rate, better repeatability, and built tough – highly resistant to general impact (totally differentiates from the fragile conventional glass bulb membrane).


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