Portable Fluoride/pH/Cond. Meter Kit


Patented 3-in-1 fluoride ion probe – no need for stirring or added reagents, directly measuring the ion concentration of fluoride in a quick and simple manner.

Stable potential, fast response rate, convenient use; 2-point auto. Calibration for fluoride.

Equipped with an atc ph and conductivity electrode, testing fluoride, ph, ec, tds, salinity, resistivity, orp (orp probe sold separately) & temperature altogether with high accuracy.

Large backlit screen, 800 groups of data storage, self-diagnosis, parameter setup.

Rugged portable design, suitable for both lab and field test; 800 groups of data storage.

The WS200 Fluoride/pH/Conductivity 7-in-1 Portable Meter Kit is designed for accurate and reliable measurement of fluoride, pH, conductivity, salinity, TDS, resistivity, ORP (ORP probe sold separately), and temperature altogether. The patented 3-in-1 Fluoride Ion probe is composed of an ion electrode, a reference electrode, and a temperature electrode, generating reliable readings with stable potential and fast response rate. Range: 0.02 ppm to 1900 ppm; Accuracy: ±0.02 ppm, or ±5% of reading (whichever is greater).


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