Comes with 201T-F 3-in-1 Combination pH electrode, flexible electrode holder, and RS232 software. ACCURATE MEASUREMENT: Accuracy: ±0.01 pH, Range: -2.00-19.99 pH, ATC, Auto Calibration with buffer recognition. Adopts advanced digital filtering technology, improving response time and accuracy. 3 measurement modes: stable measurement display mode, timing measuring mode, and continuous measuring mode. Data Processing: GLP standard data management, 600 data sets of storage, manual/auto timing storage, RS232 data output. RELIABLE Structure Design: Large LCD screen with blue backlit, Meets IP54 waterproof and dustproof. What’s in the box: MP511 benchtop pH Meter, 201T-F 3-in-1 combination pH Electrode, 602 Flexible Electrode Holder, pH calibration solutions (4.00, 7.00, 10.01), power adaptor, RS232 cable, software disk, and a manual. Our MP511 Benchtop pH Meter is a prime example ofthe Affordable Accuracy that we provide our customers. It is the mostcost-effective laboratory benchtop pH meter of the 4th generation, providing AccurateMeasurement, Quick Response, and Consistent Result thanks to the advanceddigital filtering technology and high quality 3-in-1 combination pH electrode.It has three measuring modes for your specific measuring needs: stablemeasurement display mode, timing measuring mode, and continuous measuring mode.


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