In conventional clarifiers particles with a higher gravity than waste water will settle down to the tank bottom over time. The closer the gravity of the particles is to the one of waste water as longer takes the settlement process and as larger the clarifiers have to be build. Lamella clarifiers are a very cost effective alternative to conventional clarifiers as they reduce the needed tank volume by 2 to 4 times. Lamella clarifiers consist of multiple channels that function as additional surface area to reduce the settling path of the particles in the waste water. AET provides consulting and lamella clarifier systems consisting of lamella clarifier plate settlers, support- and anti-floating structure, sludge removal and effluent launders.

Equidistant, high- stability PP tube settlers

Tube settlers are used for a wide range of applications with different requirements. Therefore, AET offers different tube settler types varying in channel size, surface area, material, material thickness, dimensions and other specs. Additionally, we offer support structures, baffle walls, effluent launders and other tube settler components to provide a fully integrated tube settler system from a single source supplier. AET tube settlers provide the following customer benefits:

  • Equidistant channels provide maximum surface area
  • Polypropylene material extends product lifetime
  • Higher material thickness provides high product stability (walkable design)
  • Tongue and groove system allow easy onsite assembly
  • Large channel opening size reduces the risk of clogging


Fields of application

  • TSS removal and particle separation
  • Upgrade of existing sedimentation tanks
  • Tertiary or secondary clarification for municipal WWTP
  • Drinking water
  • Process water applications

Examples of process water applications: Desalination, food and beverages, heavy metal, pulp and paper, petrochemical, process water, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Steel, Machinery, Mining and more

Advantages of tube settler systems

  • Significant reduced tank size
  • High mechanical strength
  • Assembly process allows flexible tank geometries and shapes
  • Complete package (support, anti-floating, sludge removal and water effluent) out of one hand
  • Chevron shaped channel design offers most surface and best solid discharge

Tube settlers/ lamella clarifiers/ plate settlers consist of a series of inclined plates or channels that provide a large effective surface area with a small footprint. As a result, basins with lamella plate separators are significantly smaller than conventional clarifier tanks. The additional surface area shortens the particle settling path along with its sedimentation time. Additionally, a plate inclination between 55° and 60° creates a balanced counterflow of sludge and water. In the end, this enhances the settling process.

Particle settling with inclined plates
Polypropylene lamella clarifier

One important factor for the selection of the right type of tube settler are structural loading requirements. Accumulated sludge in the
tube settler channels can add up to loads of 20 lbs/ft3 or more so that collapse is a possibility. To avoid collapsing media, AET supplies reinforced tube settlers with a superior product stability. During manufacturing, single channel profiles are assembled to a media block through a tongue and groove system and heat welding. The resulting assembled blocks have high out-of-plane compression and shear properties comparable to a honeycomb structure. Therefore, AET tube settlers (in combination with the right support structure) are walkable for maintenance and cleaning purposes.

Tube settler model specifications

tube settler manufacturer USA

Video of Tube Settler


Densadeg® retrofit, TX, USA
AET retrofitted a Densadeg® high rate clarifier system in Texas, USA. The previously used PVC tube settlers were partially clogged and deteriorated caused by sunlight and UV radiation. The AET scope of supply included a new supporting structure, tube settlers for a round tank shape and improvements on the existing effluent launders.
Campus WWTP, FL, USA
AET provided engineering support for the design of an on-campus WWTP in Florida, USA. At the same time we supplied new tube settlers which are tested for different flow rates and solid levels.

Articles & Literature

Particles in water and wastewater accelerate
towards the tank bottom aslong as the gravity force is bigger than the sum of all drag forces. The settling velocity of the particle is Vs = H/t. In reality the settling velocity is never constant as other particles, water turbulences and sludge accumulation hinder the settling process….

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