Lamella plate separators

Lamella plate separators consist of a series of inclined plates or channels that provide a large effective surface area with a small footprint. As a result, basins with lamella plate separators are significantly smaller than conventional clarifier tanks. The additional surface area shortens the particle settling path along with its sedimentation time. Additionally, a plate inclination between 55° and 60° creates a balanced counterflow of sludge and water. In the end, this enhances the settling process.

We offer lamella plate separators with different channel or plate designs. However, the chevron-shaped, equidistant channel design is proven to be best at preventing sludge accumulation and allowing an equal counterflow of water and sludge within the channel. AET provides consulting and sales for chevron-shaped, equidistant lamella clarifiers with different channel sizes and various dimensions in both Polypropylene (PP) and Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). For more information, please contact us today.

Polypropylene lamella clarifier
Particle settling with inclined plates

Another important factor in selecting the right type of lamella plate separator is the structural load ing. Through sludge accumulation loads of 20 lbs/ft3 along with the weight of the lamella plate separators, collapse is a possibility. To avoid collapsing media, AET supplies lamella plate separators with a higher material thickness than most products available on the market. During installation, single channel profiles are assembled to a media block through a tongue and groove system and heat welding. The resulting assembled blocks have high out-of-plane compression and shear properties similar to a honeycomb structure. One of the biggest benefits for the customer is that the offered lamella plate separators are walkable for maintenance reasons. Not only that, but they can be cleaned with a pressure washer if needed. Another big benefit is that the lamella plate separators are easily assembled on site.

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Other lamella plate separator designs are available upon request. To receive more information on other designs please contact us through our inquiry form