Fixture and Package Systems

The fill media in a FBBR application needs a support and restraint system. On the one hand, this system must provide enough strength to hold the fill media in position regardless of occurring water and air turbulence. Not only that, but the system must withstand high loadings due to the weight of fill media and Biofilm growth on the fill media surface. On the other hand, the package system must allow even air and water distribution without blocking any of the fill media channel openings.

This problem can be solved either by supplying standardized FBBR package units or by installing a customized designed package system for an existing tank. In both cases, the package systems come with air distribution piping, fine bubble diffusers, fill media, support, and a restraint system. Customers benefit from a ready to install, plug-and-play system. If you need support or would like more information on our system, please contact us through our inquiry form.

Vertical flow attached growth

AET also supplies small package treatment units including FRP or PE tankage. These free-standing tanks function as FBBR, trickling filter, or lamella clarifier systems. To sum up, these systems are ready to install, plug-and-play units with all the necessary components. For more information on the package treatment units, please see below or contact us.

containerized tube settler plate settler tank

Blue Arrows: Sludge
Red Arrows: Water