Product systems

Fixed Bed Biofilm

Wastewater treatment systems using bio-films that grow attached to a support media can be either an alternative or an improvement to the widely used suspended growth activated sludge process. When the system is operated with a single pass and without return sludge it is called FBBR (Fixed bed Biofilm reactor). Especially for smaller plants FBBRs are a good and advantageous alternative to activated sludge processes. If the system is operated with return sludge it is called IFAS (Integrated Fixed-Film activated sludge). IFAS systems are an easy and effective way to upgrade an existing activated sludge process by increasing the nitrification capacity significantly.

AET provides consulting and product solutions for fixed bed biofilm reactors. Click on the below drawing to learn more about the different product components:

Fields of application

  • BOD removal and complete nitrification
  • Upgrade of existing activated sludge processes
  • Pretreatment of industrial waste water
  • Smaller municipal WWTPs
  • High organic loadings or high content of compounds with low biodegradability

Examples: Food processing and beverages, Dairy, lagoon bypasses, chemical, leachate, Pharmaceutics, Energy, Pulp and Paper and more.

Advantages of Fixed bed Biofilm reactors

  • Easy and fast installation for existing tanks
  • Low energy consumption
    Higher performance through increasing sludge-age and active biomass
  • Improved sludge settling characteristics
  • High resistance against toxic or complex substances
  • No immediate impact of electric shutdowns
  • Low overall cost