Fill Media

Fill media for water and wastewater applications is used as a carrier medium for Bio-film growth. The fill media blocks consist of corrugated foils which can be manufactured in various forms. These various forms result in different surface areas and channel designs. Additionally, fill media blocks can be manufactured from either Polypropylene (PP) or Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). Moreover, our customers benefit from a customized fill media solution for their individual project case.

Vertical flow fill media

Fixed-bed biofilm reactors use fill media with a vertical flow channel shape. The vertical channel shape facilitates an easy sludge discharge for high organic loadings. This is due to increased biomass growth in FBBR applications. Depending on our customer needs, we design the appropriate fill media which provides the maximum allowable surface area. This also ensures an even distribution of liquid and air for the best treatment results. To learn more, contact us through our inquiry form

To select the appropriate fill media design, weight loads by Biofilm and water as well as the expected life span must be considered. Therefore, the material thickness of the corrugated foils can be configured to allow loads of up to 2,050 lbs/ft2 for assembled fill media blocks.

What plastic fill wastewater

Other fill media designs such as crossflow or tubular shape are available upon request. For more information on other fill media designs, contact us through our inquiry form.