The core products in the diffused air activated sludge process are diffusers. Quality diffusers have an even bubble pattern as well as a high oxygen transfer rate and low head loss. AET provides Gummi Jaeger discs, tubes, and strip diffusers which range between coarse and fine bubble patterns. In order to customize the right diffuser for different applications (municipal, animal processing, or high-temperature paper and petrochemical industries), we offer diffuser membranes in EPDM, low-plasticizer EPDM, silicon, and other materials.

Fine Bubble Strip Diffuser

The Jaeger Oxystrip fine bubble diffuser is always used for FBBR and frequently used for activated sludge applications. Its uniquely even bubble pattern and wide air volume range make it a perfect fit for FBBR and IFAS systems. These characteristics permit different settings for operation and flushing. On top of that, they reduce the energy cost. Additionally, Jaeger Oxystrip’s patented undulated corpus minimizes damage to the membrane caused by hydrostatic pressure and changing air velocities. This enables installation in greater water depths than any other manufacturer on the market. To get more information on the fine bubble diffuser or for other inquiries, please contact us today.

Which is the best diffuser

Oval shaped fine bubble strip diffusers have an increased membrane area. This reduces the required amount of lateral air piping. On the other hand, it also allows fine bubbles to remain intact preventing them from coalescing into larger bubbles. In addition, this results in a much wider airflow range. Not only that, but it also produces a higher oxygen transfer efficiency (SOTE) than disc or tube diffusers.

Other diffusers such as tube or disc diffusers are available upon request. To receive more information on other diffusers, please contact us through our inquiry form.