Product systems

Diffused Air Aeration

Aerobic micro-organisms in the Activated sludge process require air for the digestion of organic matter. Depending on the application specifics either fine bubble or coarse bubble diffusers are used to discharge the required air below the water surface. Next to conventual activated sludge plants aeration diffusers are also used in SBR (sequencing batch reactor), CSR (Continuously sequencing reactors) and BNR (Biological nutrient removal) systems. Both SBR and CSR systems produce oxic, anoxic and anaerobic phases over time in the same basin but SBR systems require intermittent flows whereas CSR systems allow continuous flows.

AET provides consulting and product solutions for diffused air aeration systems.

Fields of application

  • BOD removal, nitrification, phosphate removal
  • Upgrade of existing activated sludge processes
  • SBRs, CSRs, BNRs
  • Municipal waste water treatment plants
  • FBBRs and MBR

Advantages of Diffused air aeration

  • Deeper basins than surface aeration systems
  • Better Oxygen transfer rate because the aeration is from the bottom up
  • Integration of fixed bed biofilm systems easy
  • Little maintenance and easy accessible air compressor
  • Adjustable system especially in combination with DO/ammonia controls