Densadeg® retrofit, TX, USA

AET retrofitted a Densadeg® high rate clarifier system in Texas, USA. The previously used PVC tube settlers were partially clogged and deteriorated caused by sunlight and UV radiation. The AET scope of supply included a new supporting structure, tube settlers for a round tank shape and improvements on the existing effluent launders.

Campus WWTP, FL, USA

AET provided engineering support for the design of an on-campus WWTP in Florida, USA. At the same time we supplied new tube settlers which are tested for different flow rates and solid levels.

Wisconsin, USA​

AET LLC retrofitted a sedimentation basin for coal and sand removal with new Polypropylene, equidistant tube settlers. The prior used PVC tube settlers were heavily damaged after only 5 years of operation because of a wide range of impacts such as high solid concentrations and abrasive materials.

Calgary, Canada

AAET LLC retrofitted an existing sedimentation tank for solid settling in a mining application. Also included in the scope of supply was an extensive engineering design and CFD simulation to improve the flow pattern inside the sedimentation tank.

Lagoon upgrade with FBBR, MS, USA

AET in cooperation with Jaeger- aeration provided a FBBR system (incl. piping and blower setup) as an upgrade for a lagoon treatment plant in Mississippi, USA. Part of the influent water is going through the FBBR side stream to fulfill BOD and ammonia permits.

Trickling filter air distribution system, NY, USA

To remove odors from a trickling filter plant an air distribution system was installed underneath the fill media during a retrofit project. The distribution system is evenly releasing air so that the odors are removed when passing the biofilm fill media. AET assisted with the design and calculations of the trickling filter air distribution system.